Corey Russell

My passion is to awaken the church to the Beauty of Jesus, Intimacy with the Holy Spirit, the Revelation of Intercession and a Longing for Jesus’ return. I’ve written 5 books and released 5 Prayer CD’s. My family and I spent 18 years in Kansas City, MO with International House of Prayer and am currently on the pastoral team at Upper Room Church in Dallas, TX. I’ve been married to the love of my life, Dana for over 20 years and we have 3 daughters: Trinity, Mya and Hadassah.

Our Testimony

On February 18, 1997, I experienced a radical salvation experience in my college parking lot in Northwest Arkansas. I was immediately set free from a life drugs, alcohol, and immorality and was set on fire by Jesus Christ. I was born again in revival and my first six months of salvation was marked by 5 meetings a week, and many hours in Prayer and the Presence. From the beginning, I was marked with an intense desire to be in the presence of God and prayer continually.
In 2000, after graduating with an education degree, the Lord made it very clear to us to move to Kansas City to join a new ministry called, “International House of Prayer” in Kansas City, MO. This ministry has continued for over 20 years in day and night prayer and this call to prayer and worship deeply resonated with who we are. We served on the leadership team at IHOP-KC for over 18 years and they were amazing years. I would spend 30+ hours a week in prayer, fasting and study and We both led in prayer and worship on teams. I taught in the Bible school, internships and also spoke at all of the conferences. I've also traveled extensively around the world awakening prayer at conferences and churches since 2005. During those years, I wrote 5 books and released 5 prayer albums.

My main purpose here in on earth is to be a man of prayer, to awaken prayer in the church across the world, and to disciple a young generation in the life and spirit of prayer. In the same way Jesus’ disciples asked Him to “Teach them to Pray” so I believe that I am called (along with many others across the earth) to disciple this generation in prayer. I do this by being a man of prayer, traveling, preaching, teaching, writing, online courses, and by discipling young people in prayer by inviting them to Dallas to run with me.

One of the practical ways that I am seeking to train people in prayer is through my online course, “Teach us to Pray”. In this online course, the goal is to take the student through a 40 day season of training them in prayer. In this course are 40 videos built around prayer, intimacy with the Holy Spirit, fasting, meditation and other things to strengthen you in your life in God. In addition to this, over the 6 weeks, we join once a week for an online prayer meeting. God has met us in extraordinary ways and if this interests you, you can join us now to purchase the course and see all the archived prayer meetings.


I’m currently on the Global leadership team at UPPERROOM based in Dallas, Texas. UPPERROOM is a local church that is built around morning, noon and night prayer and worship. One of my main roles here, in addition to preaching, is discipling dozens of young people in helping them develop a consistent life of prayer, reading and understanding the word, fasting and community. I’m a big believer in the need for spiritual fathers and mothers to take the next generation by the hand and show them what it looks like in regard to a life of seeking God. We are launching a school in August 2020 and if it’s in your heart to prepare yourself for your future by a focused season in prayer and the word, come join us.

Our vision is to fund “Levites” whose primary occupation is ministry to God and people through worship leading and discipleship. We’ve added a link here for you to see Upper Room and also subscribe to our cloud where there are hours of content and prayer archives to help you in developing your prayer life.