Ancient Paths

  • AUTHOR: Corey Russell
  • PAGES: 176
  • FORMAT: Paperback
  • RELEASE: December 18, 2012


What’s to be learned from walking a well-worn trail? Much! What’s to be discovered by exploring a 2,000-year-old story? A lot!

Ancient Paths: The Rediscovery of Delight in the Word of God is a prophetic call to return to the ancient paths of finding God through long and loving meditation. In this urgent hour, the Lord is calling a people to pull away from the busyness of our culture, and learn to hear again through the word of God.

Revolutionary chapter topics include:

  1. The crisis in the church with the Word
  2. How to go beyond knowing the Scriptures to actually hearing them
  3. Meditation and the Word
  4. Breaking Strongholds
  5. Messengers who “eat the scroll”

In this critical moment, God is drawing His people back to the source, His word.  This alone will restore our souls, our lives and our witness in the earth, while awakening our ears to hear again.


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